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Riesling de Rhin PGI 2021

Riesling de Rhin PGI 2021 - dry white wine with the Protected Geographical Indication "Codru", produced from Riesling grapes which were grown in the vineyards of SE QWC "Mileștii Mici". An elegant and noble wine with a straw-yellow color and slightly greenish reflections. The bouquet is complex, with aromas of acacia flowers, fresh citrus, lime, with a minerality specific to the variety. The taste is balanced and delicate, making it a great partner for seafood, baked fish, sashimi and snacks.

It is recommended to be served at the temperature of + 10 °C ... + 12 °C.

Struguri: Riesling de Rhin
Alcool: 13,5 %
Pluta: Natural Cork