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Tasting halls

Selected wines and dishes for our dear guests

After getting acquainted with the underground beauties and the „Golden Collection” Milestii Mici, the guests are lead into the luxurious tasting halls. During the summertime they gladden the visitors with their coolness, in winter – with the heat of the fireplace.

Water, stone, tree – three natural elements who dictate the style of the original architectural ensemble. They magnificently complete each other and harmonize with the wines given for the tasting, since the design is executed in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

The walls are made from natural sea shell rock, skillfully illuminated by elegant lamps. The refinement of the style reveals the luxury of the delicious wines. Mosaic ponds with goldfish, nice sculptures, the exotic wall-door into the giant barrel-hall, thebeautiful stained-glass windows, warm light, comfort and virgin silence create the atmosphere of a paradise.

All you have to do is to enjoy the beauties around you, to taste the wines and the traditional dishes, which will complete the whole idea about the spirit of our country.

They will successfully carry out the whims of all the clients – modest vegetarian, ascetic-adherents of different diets. White, red high quality wines appreciated at the national and international contests with diplomas and medals may be tasted and served among with select dishes together with the family, friends and business partners.The type of the wines and of the dishes depends on the curiosity and on the taste of the visitors. But there is no doubt that the individual approach is guaranteed for everybody. Excellent wines and food prepared here perefctly complete each other. The tasting of the wines is done by all the rules: from the white to the red, from the dry to the sweet, from the young to the old. The wines are noble, tender and mysterious.

At last, you will be given the sparkling wines, which will refresh your feelings and your impressions.

In order to visit the “Milestii Mici” underground galleries, you have to call us and book your tour. You have to choose date, time and language of your tour.Our guests must have a car with one extra seat for the guide. N.B. Height of the vehicle should not exceed 2.7 meters.

After a tour our guests have a chance to select and taste different “Milestii Mici” wines as well as to visit our museum-store located here.
“Milestii Mici” is a NON-SMOKING area.
The temperature in the underground galleries is +12 +14°C; humidity - 85-95%.
Tours booking: tel +373 22 382-333, 382-336, mob.+37369500262 or e-mail: turism@milestii-mici.md
We accept Moldovan leis (MDL) in cash, bank transfers and credit cards.

Programs of tasting

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