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Purpuriu de Purcari 2009

The high quality wines are matured in oak barrels period from six months to several years. Only thus the high quality wines acquire special organoleptic characteristics.

The bottling is done directly before their commercialization. Their design is beautiful and outstanding. Red wines will be given cooled (+16ºC...+18ºC).

Purpuriu de Purcari 2009 – red dry vintage wine, produced from a unique blending of Merlot and Pinot Franc wines. The wine has an amazing deep purple colour. Its tender bouquet explodes in wild blackberries, violet and tulip flavour, mixed with maturation notes. The light astringency in the taste makes it a perfect partner for spicy barbecue, grilled lamb meat or ovine steak.

Struguri: Merlot și Pinot Franc
Alcool: Min. 10% vol.
Pluta: Agglomerate cork - sealing capsule