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Codru 2009

The high quality wines are matured in oak barrels period from six months to several years. Only thus the high quality wines acquire special organoleptic characteristics.

The bottling is done directly before their commercialization. Their design is beautiful and outstanding. Red wines will be given cooled (+16ºC...+18ºC).

Codru 2009 – red dry vintage wine, produced from Cabernet-Sauvignon (75%) and Merlot (25%) wines, matured in oak barrels. A very special Moldovan wine blend with a rich garnet colour and brick-red nuances. The bouquet will charm you with its tender bitter cherry flavour and saffron hints, combined with obvious maturation tones. The velvet taste reveals soft tannins and a delicate astringency that will make it a perfect fit for saucy beef meat dishes, roasted meet or cheese such as Parmesan or Camembert.

Struguri: Cabernet-Sauvignon (75%), Merlot (25%)
Alcool: Min. 10% vol.
Capac: Agglomerate cork - sealing capsule

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