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Selected Wines for refined tastes


Collection wines

These are elite wines from the "Golden Collection" Milestii Mici, rarities of Moldavian wine making. They have dual maturation: from half a year to several years the wines are ...


High quality wines

These wines are prepared from the same excellent winemaking material as the collection wines. They are stored in the “Golden Collection” Milestii Mici not less than three ...


Mature high quality wine Horeca

The maturation period of these wines in oak buds varies from six months to a few years. Exceptional wines, as a result of their maturation in oak chips, accumulate a wide range ...


Ordinary Wines

These are young white and red wines, which are matured in oak barrels not less than three months. The wines of this kind in Moldova are made only by the QWIC “Milestii ...


Sparkling Wines

The State Enterprise Quality Wines Industrial Complex “Milestii Mici"has contemporary methods for preparing the sparkling wine (champagne) along the traditional ...


Stored in the collection

Are products from the same excellent raw material of wines as the collection wines. They are stored in the collection for not less than three years. The only difference from ...


VIP Series

The high quality wines are matured in oak barrels period from six months to several years. Only thus the high quality wines acquire special organoleptic ...


Wines with Protected Geographical Indication Codru

Wines with Protected Geographical Indication Codru are young whites, rose and red wines harvested in 2016-2017. They were certified after going through a long internal and ...

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